Some Common Questions We would like you to ask!

What separates your operations from all the rest?

Every now & then we send a survey to our clients asking how we did. I’ve built my business on listening to my clients, on their needs and expectations. Having a corporate management business experience & mentality, I truly believe in Customer Satisfaction through communication. Sure, I can tout my craftsmanship as far superb than my competitors, needless to say, I believe my work will clearly speak for itself. You will find all the other most important features needed in a contractor summarized based on my clients feedback.

Likable Personality, Cleanliness, Always available to talk, great listener to our needs, Creative, Artist, Craftsman, Dust Freak (Dust Free), Organized, Detailed oriented, Extremely knowledgeable, Respectable, Timely, Honest, Trustworthy, Smart, Hard Working, OCD, A leader, Industry Expert…..

Why you should NEVER take on the Lowest Bidder for your Project?

Did you know there was a total of 70 Million complaints filed in the last 7 years with the Better Business Bureau, in the Construction Industry alone!

Did you know the #1 common denominator….the lowest bid was accepted.  The issues derive from contractor disappeared with my deposit without finishing the work, project dragged out for months, poor craftsmanship, and unprofessional business acumen.

We  like to consider ourselves, fair priced with rich finishes!! 

Does your Organization attend any Training Seminars?

We Certainly do!!! We love to keep up with Jones!!! With today’s technological advances moving ever so rapid, we try to attend a training seminar a month or about 220 – 330 hours a year. Those training sessions range from, trade shows, New tool demonstrations,  State mandatory compliance meetings, product certifications (I.e. Wedi, Schluter, Gauged Porcelain Tile, Safety Training, etc..