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Modern Room Remodels is New Jersey’s most reputable, trusted, and experienced Tiling & Remodeling Contractors. We’re New Jersey’s most reputable, Professional artisan installers of fine ceramic tile, porcelain, glass, natural stone, marble, granite & Gauged Porcelain Tile Panel /Slab

Modern Room Remodels is a business built on honesty, professionalism, and integrity. For over 30 years in business, MRR based its business on “Excellence”. Our success has been through our attention to detail, competitive pricing, while delivering our masterful work motto “Experience The Art of Perfection”

We have become an established symbol in the the industry for quality workmanship, expert tailored installs, and exceptional customer service for home owners, businesses and contractors’ alike.

Our first in class installation experience, will help you add character, elegance, and charm to any room in your home or business. Modern Room Remodels Marble and Tile Installation has built its business mostly through word of mouth.

It was founded in Belleville, New Jersey. Our service extends to homeowners, businesses and contractor’s in the central/northern and coastal parts of NJ. And now, for the first time in Modern Room Remodels Marble and Tile storied existence, we are now delighted to showcase our work to the world, with our website.

Features: Custom catered design outlays, interior decorator coordination’s, custom shower mud pans, level cement/mud floors, back splash, accent walls/floors, and much more!!!

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling – NJ HIC (NJ Home Improvement Contractor) Licensed and fully insured

Most importantly we live by our code – “Do the work the right way, THE FIRST TIME” Many cut corners and offer the most sub-par material to save a buck or two. Here at Modern Room Remodels, the only corner we cut, is to get ahead and deliver our promise to satisfy each and one of every customer of ours, well beyond their wildest expectations.

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